3 Reasons Not to Move to CloudHub®*

Posted on Oct 13, 2017 7:50:35 AM

*Spoiler alert: We're just kidding. You should definitely check it out. 


1. Connecting to the Cloud through the Internet is awesome

The best part about running your mission-critical applications in the Cloud? The waiting, of course! It’s fun to compete with users who love Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix. Effectively performing critical functions like data backup and network security is overrated anyway. CloudHub® selects the shortest route to your destination for you and has full-time performance monitoring, but no thank you!

2. You love budgeting
Over-budget? Sweet! You like living on the wild side, putting all of your capital into the front-end of an on-prem project, and guessing what you’ll need five to ten years down the road. Why move to the Cloud and pay based on your actual usage? A comprehensive package that allows you to pay for what you use with the option to adjust your plan each month based on your actual needs sounds boring!

3. Lunch is overrated
Leave mundane activities like sleeping, eating, and breaks to the other IT folks. You like the fact that your IT department is so busy managing your applications that no one has any time to devote to working toward organizational objectives or business strategy. You enjoy the happy surprises you get when key stakeholders plop a new project in your lap without any insight into whether the solution you can provide will meet their criteria, budget, or time constraints. You certainly don’t need any extra insight or expertise when it comes to maximizing your opportunities.

In real life…
Organizations that have shifted to the Cloud often struggle with the performance of their mission-critical applications as they compete with ancillary internet usage. They also have IT teams that have other responsibilities and can’t devote 100% of their time to Cloud application performance. So, if you’re ready for consistent and quality access to your cloud-based applications, you only want to pay for the services that you use, and you want a team of expert engineers who have your back when IT gets real, let’s talk about CloudHub® and how it can help you achieve your organization’s goals.

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