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Posted on Oct 3, 2018 7:21:18 AM

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Can you believe it? This is our 100th blog! That’s about 50,000 words over two years and countless cups of coffee. We thought we’d celebrate this momentous occasion by sharing some of the important things we’ve learned through the process of writing 100 blogs aimed at helping you on your own IT journey.

Let’s Talk About IT Relevancy
Our primary mission as a technology solution provider is to help IT departments be viewed as relevant contributors to their organizations and goals. If we can contribute to that journey, we’ve done our job. In the last 99 blogs, we’ve had many discussions about the building blocks necessary to reach that goal. We’ve explained in depth what IT relevancy is and why it matters, signs that you’re lacking IT relevancy, what often prevents it, challenges that overworked IT departments face, how to get out of the trouble ticket business, why it matters that IT is so busy, and the importance of creating a technology plan.

In 99 blogs, we’ve visited a golf course for a lesson in IT efficiency, a plumber for an anecdote on the evolution of business, and a fortune teller who can predict your future based on industry trends. We’ve also explained the three pillars needed for every effective solution, discussed the mistake organizations make when they don’t outsource the right kind of support, and made a compelling case for incorporating video into your technology repertoire.

This is Why We’re So Dedicated to IT Relevancy
Over the last couple of years, we’ve been developing information designed to help school technology connect to the organizational objectives of the district. We’ve discussed the importance of bringing schools out of the dark ages, bridging the education gap, the reasons you shouldn’t be leaving important advisors out of the loop, the business practices K-12 should be leveraging, the challenging aspects of RFPs, sustainability planning, and what’s often preventing technology from being adopted.

We dive into specific technologies like our favorite classroom tech (it’s not what you think!), common issues with BYOD, how connected school transportation is driving change, and what we can learn from interactive whiteboards. We also cover why it's time to take back the word "solution," the type of vendor you need to properly implement your technology, and how to make lemonade out of lemons when your project is denied.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re committed to providing as much technological information about campus safety as we possibly can. We’ve covered the reason we need a universal definition, the conversations that you need to be having, and we’ve taken a difficult look at the current status of campus safety. Our articles discuss the surprising key to keeping your students and faculty safe and the reason technology doesn't automatically equal a safe environment. All of these topics are important to us because at the heart of it all, there’s nothing more important than a safe campus.

It’s Not All About Schools
Of course, not all of our customers exist in the education vertical and many technology topics are universally important. That’s why we also develop blogs discussing a variety of topics that can benefit every IT department. For example, we’re all about network security: why it shouldn’t be treated like a science experiment, what a car has to do with network security, how the London Plagues taught us an important lesson in keeping our networks safe, the reasons you need to look at the entire compass of network security, and the technologies that you shouldn't be leaving out of your security discussions.

We also talk about the way we narrowly avoided a USB disaster, how we canceled a phishing trip, the problem with historical security solutions, why you shouldn't connect to the cloud through the Internet (and what to do instead), surprising benefits of a comprehensive access control system, and how to make cloud video management more secure.

Here’s What’s Next
It’s been a crazy, fun adventure compiling the first 99 blogs, and we appreciate everyone who’s read our content, subscribed, and engaged with us online. We can’t wait to see what the next 100 blogs teach us! See you next week! 

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