Make Your Cloud Access More Like a Food Court

Posted on Nov 9, 2017 8:13:37 AM


For the typical cloud user, cloud access is a little bit like driving to a restaurant. You’ve been to that restaurant before and the service has been good enough, but you have no idea what traffic is going to be like on the way there, and there’s no real way to know the quality of service you’re going to receive on that particular day. We think your cloud experience should be more like a food court with a guaranteed route—a designated highway, even—that offers the best experience possible every single time. That’s a little bit what it’s like with CloudHub®.

Start with Your Route

Let’s pretend you’re headed to a food court located 10 miles from your house. In the real world, you need to factor in the time of day, traffic, accidents, and all sorts of other road conditions as you plan your route. You would also never drive through more streets or more cities than absolutely necessary to get to your destination, so why do we connect to the Cloud via the Internet and accept slow routes with lots of extra hops and little to no control? We’ve designed CloudHub® to minimize the number of hops from request to fulfillment to ensure that you can connect to your mission-critical applications more quickly and reliably.

Don’t Get Stuck

One of the first challenges that organizations face after moving to a cloud-based application server is the ability to reach “destinations” (otherwise known as mission-critical applications) in a timely fashion. Most organizations are competing against applications like Netflix and YouTube when accessing the Cloud through the same Internet connection. This seems like a risky way to run applications like your firewall or phone system. Why would you take the congested highway to get to the restaurant with limited selections when there’s an option to take a private highway to a food court where you can build yourself a buffet?

Have Options When You Arrive

One of the best parts about eating at a food court is that there are so many options available at once – plus, they’re quick and easy to consume. CloudHub® works the same way. We’ve assembled multiple options for server access and hosting to ensure that you get the best performance for mission-critical applications every single time. Your private connection to CloudHub® offers a private route to those applications and is designed to optimize performance. It’s a private route to a food court where you can choose the very best options.

A Real Life Example

Let’s take an example of a college campus currently leveraging CloudHub®’s private connection to maintain peak performance. The IT department noticed that the Internet connection on campus would halt right after classes got out for the day due to non-critical Internet usage. After further digging, they found that the students were going back to their dorms and “studying” Netflix and Facebook. Because of this influx of traffic, important processes like scheduled server backups were failing. With a direct connection to one of the Netflix content servers, CloudHub® allows the college to ensure that mission-critical processes run uninterrupted while their students surf the web as they please.

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