Why It’s Time to Go Digital with Your Curriculum

Posted on Jan 31, 2019 7:20:00 AM

According to McGraw Hill Education, 77% of students say adaptive technology has helped improve their grades. We know that integrating
a new technology in the classroom is often an uphill battle. It takes careful coordination, a lot of persuasion, and the resolve necessary to overcome the little bumps that you will encounter along the way. But the effort is worth it if the end goal is a better educational experience and increased student success, right? We think so.

Here are three reasons that it’s time to start integrating digital elements into your curriculum:  

1. It Allows for More Frequent Updates

One of the beautiful aspects of education is that it’s constantly evolving. With a digital curriculum, updating that information is as easy as installing an update or accessing a new link. This is very different from the process of updating physical textbooks, which is a time consuming and costly process that can only realistically be achieved every few years, if that.

2. It Gives You a Better Picture of Your Education

Let’s say your teachers assign a chapter of a textbook as homework. With traditional textbooks, theoretically, the only way for them to know whether their students actually read the chapter is to administer a test. But what if teachers had analytics that could show whether or not each student completed their assignment and how long it took. That teacher would know the average amount of time a class spent on the assignment, who took longer to complete the chapter, and who only spent five minutes flipping through pages. Your educators will have a much better idea of students who need extra coaching, gifted students who are eligible for extra programs, or students who aren’t putting in the effort.

3. It Enables Better Learning Environments
Let’s be clear: printed educational materials will never be replaced entirely. But they’re only one of many tools available to modern educators. So consider some of the amazing capabilities digital curricula offer in terms of the delivery methods, assessments, critical analysis, and how those tools can fit into your current curriculum.  Ultimately the goal of digital curriculum has to be the goal of every type of curriculum: to help your students succeed.

Now that you know why it's time to start implementing a digital curriculum, let's start working on the how

Take a look a this blog to discover the questions you need to be asking
your digital curriculum provider, then watch this short video with DGI's Jason Eatmon
and Joe Jenkins for some common hurdles you may face.


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