Why You Shouldn’t Connect to The Cloud Through the Internet

Posted on Dec 14, 2017 7:53:57 AM

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When an organization decides to migrate to the Cloud, chances are that the plan is to connect via the Internet. And we get it. It’s the most common way to get it done, it’s ubiquitous, and fairly simple to set up. But in this case, simple doesn’t necessarily mean good. There are a lot of reasons why using the Internet to connect mission-critical applications to the Cloud is downright risky. You might be considering making the shift to the Cloud, but before you move forward with an Internet-based connection, be sure to carefully consider the drawbacks.

 It Requires Too Much of This

Trusting an Internet Service Provider with your mission-critical applications requires some blind faith. Those companies are not typically prepared to tailor connections to your exact specifications, and they’re definitely not equipped to share the details of exactly what you’re getting. In the end, you have to trust that your ISP is delivering the speed and bandwidth you need to connect to your mission-critical resources, run backups, and maintain network security at all times. Ultimately, this method is less-than-ideal when it comes to managing your most important functions.

You Can Say Goodbye to This

When you’re connecting to the Cloud through the Internet, the first thing you can kiss goodbye is your control. Most ISPs can’t (or won’t) tailor your connection, plus you don’t have the opportunity to view the details behind the traffic and you’ll lack the granular control you need to route certain applications. This means YouTube and Facebook get the exact same credence as your student information systems. That seems…wrong. Ultimately, you should really be looking at choices that allow you complete control over the priority of your applications. Find a solution that has the structure to automate those priorities and allows for manual adjustments as necessary in order to ensure that your mission-critical applications are always at peak performance.

It’s Not About You

The problem with most Internet Service Providers is that they’re typically going to do what’s best for them. They’re not going to route your traffic based on what’s best for you (or your applications). In reality, they don’t have that type of control, either. They’re going to choose which route to use for all of your traffic based on what’s best for their network, meaning there may be fifty or more hops between you and your final destination. It’s annoying when you’re talking about basic web services, but it’s damaging when it comes to access control, facilities, or student information systems. No thank you.

These issues are the very reason we developed a better way to connect to the Cloud. DGI’s CloudHub® provides a dedicated connection (with QoS) to the Cloud and your mission-critical resources. We also provide monitoring to ensure that your systems are operating properly and at max capacity.

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